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About Sloping Block Solutions

At Sloping Block Solutions we build unique homes of which you will be proud. We are committed to building excellence from start to finish. From initial contact with our sales and design team, through contract administration and throughout the construction process our friendly professional staff will ensure your dream home becomes a reality, within your budget.

Do you choose to be dictated to by volume builders with their standard designs, rigid design change policy, questionable quality, impersonal service and aversion to building on anything other than a concrete slab on a flat block of land? No wonder their homes all look so similar!

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For many home builders unconventional sites are seen as a disadvantage. At Sloping Block Solutions we view things differently. We see sloping blocks as an opportunity to express an individual approach while maximising the view, aspect and space on these exciting sites.

Our home designs are site specific, taking full advantage of the unique character and opportunities available on your block, whether it is sloping, narrow, odd shaped or all of these.

When you sit down with our designer he will discuss the aspects and details of your block, the individual needs in your home, what design elements are important to you and your budget. All this doesn’t have to cost you anymore than what the “volume builders” charge once they add in all the extras and wait for it “site costs”When we quote you, all costs are included up front.

John Kearney
John Kearney
Melbourne Building Design and Construction Consultant

The Man Behind Sloping Block Solutions

John Kearney is a Melbourne Building Design and Construction Consultant whose professional background has been in electrical and mechanical engineering before moving into the building industry where he has been for over 20 years. He has worked in all areas of construction, sales, and management through to general manager of a building company.

He is passionate about giving people a cost effective alternative to building in the areas they love, and specialises in creating solutions for difficult and sloping blocks. He loves the challenge of designing a home to consider aspect, view, purpose, and orientation to North; maximising the usability of a block and delivering a connection between his client’s needs and the land where they live.

John lives what he loves! He and his wife have raised their two beautiful daughters in the hilly North-Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. He designed and built their family home, high on a sloping block, with a beautiful view over valley and hills.

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