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To Whom It May Concern,

As absolute neophytes, these two “babes in the wood” had a great deal of trepidation when it came to organising the demolition of our current home, subdividing the current block of land and then building three units.

Fortunately, we found John KEARNEY of Sloping Block Solutions. With absolute confidence, John walked us through every part of the process from discussing the first place to start (talking to an architect and seeing what was possible), to demolishing the current house (he even helped at our “monster garage sale”!) and there is no doubt he will be there at the last when we turn the key to move into our new home.

It has been of great concern to us that John hasn’t charged us enough for his services. In this day and age, “value for money” is not a phrase you hear very often, but it certainly applies in this case.

What has also been terrific as far as we are concerned, John has not regarded a single question as “silly”. Whatever it has been, he has answered. If he hasn’t known the answer, he has researched and found it. He has also made us pull our heads in a couple of times when we wanted to have things that were really over the top. In one case, we saved some $15,000 by taking John’s advice.

John is a good an excellent listener. Because of his broad experience, he is able to take on board our ideas (and sometimes dreams), interpret them into a realistic alternative that achieves the same—or better—result than what was on offer in the first place. Equally, if there is something which we hold dear as part of our vision, John is 100 percent supportive. We are very glad we found him.


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Custom Home Builders Mornington Peninsula

Do you want the same, stock-standard, home as everyone else or do you want your home to have its own identifiable sense of personality and style? Bring out the best in your property thanks the expert custom home builders for Mornington Peninsula locals; Sloping Block Solutions!

Possessing a wealth of technical training and experience, combined with our passion for overseeing construction projects, our team are the “custom home builders near me” who can improve the quality of life of our customers for a competitive price.

Working closely with our customers, from drafting the initial designs through to completing the construction, Sloping Block Solutions ensures that their vision for their home is turned into a reality without going over budget and keeping to the schedule.

Sloping Block Builders Mornington Peninsula

As a leading construction company in the industry Sloping Block Solutions know all about the complications that come with building a property on a sloping block of land. Thanks to our skills and abilities as reputable sloping block builders Mornington Peninsula locals have the freedom to safely have their land developed without delay or hinderance.

For a free quote regarding our modern, methodical, and personalised services give us a call on 0409 179 357.