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Dual Occupancy / Unit Development


More and more, astute homeowners and investors are seeking to develop sites that previously had only one property, and replace or modify said property with additional dwellings. This style of development goes by several different names but is commonly known as multi-dwelling or “Dual Occ”. Dual occupancies are also commonly known as duplex, granny flats, or in-law accommodation…


A dual occupancy dwelling is generally two dwellings on land that was originally intended for one, and can be either detached or attached.

The difference between the two is: detached equates to two separate homes or dwellings on a single lot, whereas attached means that there are two separate dwellings sharing a single roof on a single lot of land.

Unleash the true potential of your property and land by taking advantage of our comprehensive packages that will take you from the initial concept to the finished masterpiece. We can also quote you to build as per your provided plans and permits.

Arrange a meeting with one of our impressive, savvy consultants whose knowledge and experience with all manner of dual occupancy and multi unit developments enables them to sort out town planning and permits, and will manage the project for you. All you need do is take the keys from us when we are done!

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