Knock Down & Build

Knock Down

Why renovate when you can reinvent?

Knock Down Rebuild (KDR) really is what it sounds like: demolishing your existing house and building a home on your block that is better suited to you not just for now but in the future also. As well as the benefit of keeping the same address, KDR can actually be less expensive than renovating the house that you already have.

KDR is often more cost effective in the long run as older style homes typically use more energy to heat and cool, and can also have problems with plumbing, wiring and foundations — in which case you could be up for tens of thousands of dollars before you even begin with your “real improvements”.

Saving money on stamp duty and other fees associated with buying and moving means that you can reinvest the extra cash back into customising your home.

Design and create the space that you have often dreamed of, a house that you are proud to call home, and have it constructed in the area that is best suited to you.

At Sloping Block Solutions, Knock Down and Rebuild is one of our specialties. Speak with one of our design consultants to realise the hidden potential within your block and help turn your dream into your reality.

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You can make an appointment with one of our discerning construction consultants who will sit with you one on one, and take the time to discuss and explore all of the options available to you. We will endeavour to answer any questions you might have so that you can make an informed decision regarding the improvement or creation of your dream home.

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  • Our Process
    • 01

      You Meet With One Of Our Friendly Professional Construction Consultants

    • 02

      You Meet With Our Senior Designer Who Will Take Your Design Brief.

    • 03

      Through Constant ConsultationWith You We Will Produce Your Design Concept Plans.

    • 04

      With You We Will Determine Your Level Of Specification.

    • 05

      Provide You WithFull Costing ForYour Project.

    • 06

      Prepare Contracts Ready For Checking & Signing.

    • 07

      Permit Application, Insurances Etc.

    • 08

      Construction Commences.

    • 09

      Final Inspections And Approvals.

    • 10

      Final Handover To You.