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    Colleen A. WOOLLEY OAM J

    To Whom It May Concern,

    As absolute neophytes, these two “babes in the wood” had a great deal of trepidation when it came to organising the demolition of our current home, subdividing the current block of land and then building three units.

    Fortunately, we found John KEARNEY of Sloping Block Solutions. With absolute confidence, John walked us through every part of the process from discussing the first place to start (talking to an architect and seeing what was possible), to demolishing the current house (he even helped at our “monster garage sale”!) and there is no doubt he will be there at the last when we turn the key to move into our new home.

    It has been of great concern to us that John hasn’t charged us enough for his services. In this day and age, “value for money” is not a phrase you hear very often, but it certainly applies in this case.

    What has also been terrific as far as we are concerned, John has not regarded a single question as “silly”. Whatever it has been, he has answered. If he hasn’t known the answer, he has researched and found it. He has also made us pull our heads in a couple of times when we wanted to have things that were really over the top. In one case, we saved some $15,000 by taking John’s advice.

    John is a good an excellent listener. Because of his broad experience, he is able to take on board our ideas (and sometimes dreams), interpret them into a realistic alternative that achieves the same—or better—result than what was on offer in the first place. Equally, if there is something which we hold dear as part of our vision, John is 100 percent supportive. We are very glad we found him.

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    Dr Jaslin Hood and Mr Michael Hood
    – Doreen Victoria

    Building a New House was a scary idea for us. We had heard a lot of horror stories about extra costs, and how long and difficult the process can be. John and the team at Sloping Block Solutions were the opposite of that. They explained the whole process in a very clear way, and we knew all the costs up front. They worked with us at every step from design to when we got the key, and I know that they really helped maximise the potential of our block. We would recommend Sloping Block Solutions to anyone who is looking to build a home, and wants quality and a real sense of trust in their builder.

    We had bought a block that we really loved, in a hilly area in our favourite suburb. Then we went shopping for a builder, and found out that the house designs we were looking at were going to be impossible to build on our block, unless it cost way more than our budget. We are grateful that we found Sloping Block Solutions, because it all became doable. They worked through a whole design process of how best to orient the house, and use the view, and all the reasons we bought the block in the first place. And we were able to build the house inside of our budget. Thank you.

    The communication was excellent, and so was the quality. We were pretty tired of dealing with home and land salesmen that obviously didn’t have an idea of the whole real process. And we knew enough by then not to believe some of the figures they were dishing out. At Sloping Block Solutions everyone we worked with was accountable, and obviously cared to give us a really good solution. The ‘challenging block’ was suddenly a block with a lot of potential. We are very happy with our home, it was an affordable build and we are finding it very economical to live in. The sense that we had from beginning to end was integrity, and a real passion for helping us to get a beautiful result.

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    Tarin and Matthew Moloney
    – Mernda

    Hi John,

    I am writing to say thanks for everything, our new home is everything we could have wished for and I offer the following as a personal testimonial for your company. Thanks Tarin and Matthew.

    We presented a sketch plan, and they have transformed that into a reality. All the while, we have been able to keep control of our design and budget…we have found the staff very accommodating, professional and responsive. I can’t stress enough how important this is. During the building process, concerns do arise in the real world, and the fact that most of these are dealt with literally within a matter of hours is refreshing.

    Many people make the common mistake of having a plan drawn up by an Architect or Draftsperson with no regard to cost. After having spent thousands on a plan they find it exceeds their budget and they are stopped in their tracks. At Sloping Block Solutions, our design and inclusions were being continually costed so by the time our plans were complete we were within budget. Make no mistake, compromises had to be made, but by being able to keep it real we were able to build our home and not just dream about it.

    At this point in time we have just moved into our stunning new home and we have John and all of his associates at Sloping Block Solutions to thank for making the whole project stress free and thank them also for their accommodating, professional and responsive approach throughout. I can’t stress enough how important this is. During the building process, concerns do arise in the real world, and the fact that most of these are dealt with literally within a matter of hours is refreshing. I’m the sort of person that loses sleep at night if matters aren’t sorted quickly. I think the key to this is that we are dealing with the people calling the shots, not a customer service officer without authority and knows nothing about building. Thankfully so far all is going well. I hope to be posting another positive testimonial when our home is complete.

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